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Our Services

PluraFores Pharma is a specialized wholesaler focused on supplying comparator medicines for clinical trials. We will start our support for every project with preparation of a supply strategy which will always contain several solutions for our customer to choose from. PluraFores Pharma will provide as much intelligence as possible, so you, as our customer can make the best possible informed decision. One part of this initial process is also a supply assessment where we will gather all available information about the products of interest. On top of sourcing the comparator medicines, PluraFores Pharma can also store and distribute these medicines world-wide in partnership with a global specialized pharmaceutical forwarder. Every shipment is sent, as a standard, using the most appropriate temperature-controlled shipping solution with a temperature recorder included within the shipment. If any other services are needed, for example over-labelling or new packaging of the comparator medicines, if PluraFores Pharma don’t have the capability in-house, there are several trusted partners and suppliers which can be sub-contracted to provide these services for the projects of our customers under oversight of PluraFores Pharma.